Reinvent Your Business:
Machine Leasing with AI

The future of business is here! Smart Service is the key to sales growth in mechanical engineering. Merging core competencies with an innovative business model creates long-term customer relationships that benefit both company and client.

With Machine-as-a-Service you are repositioning yourself: marketing machine performance as a convenient service package. We provide you with the tools to develop the new market: our robust Industrial IoT platform and intelligent Analytics Services.

Sell performance power instead
of maschines

You retain ownership of all technical equipment. Your selling point: core competence together with our highly scalable, robust IoT Analytics infrastructure.


High availability  – with Machine Learning 

The manufacturer is responsible for maintenance and repair for the entire life cycle. With customized Analytics modules, you can keep your machines running fully automated and at maximum efficiency.

A Win-Win situation

Customer's benefit: no initial investment in the machine; instead they pay for service performance or availability.  The operator doesn't have to worry about maintenance or repair. Your benefit: You tap into new sales concepts and possibilites, and differentiate yourself from the competition.


Our tools for you:

  • Robust, secure IoT platform as foundation for the new MaaS business model
  • Analytics Services such as Predictive Maintenance and Anomaly Detection, which are tailored to each application case

Your advantages

Recurring revenue flow with Smart Services

The operator pays for the service used, e.g. per hour or per unit; generating a steady revenue flow for you.

Long-term customer relationships

Become a business partner instead of a supplier and accompany your customers on a long-term basis.

Boost your competitiveness

Offer clients exactly what they are looking for: an all-in-one package without upfront  investment. With SLA guarantees.

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